The ufvAb aims to enhance the visibility of women* in the field of architecture and related to, in order to highlight new ways of expressing architecture and to underline the role of the women behind this evolution.
Besides highlighting their architectural work, the ufvAb wants to showcase the incredible leadership skills female architects have, in order to help them become role models to future generations and increase the proportion of women in leadership roles within architecture.

The women from bauhaus weaving workshop on the staircase of the Bauhaus building in Dessau,1927, Photo: T Lux Feininger Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin/ © Estate of T Lux Feininger.  Founded by architect Walter Gropius in 1919, the Bauhaus was aesthetically forward-looking. Yet in practice the school, which closed in 1933 under pressure from the Nazi regime, was far from socially progressive (read more)
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