L‘ufvAb (union of women Architects of belgium), finds its source in the National Union of Women Architects, founded in 1978, the Belgian branch of the International Union of Women Architects (UIFA) created in Paris in 1965.

A non-profit organization since February 5, 1996, the ufvAb brings together inspiring women* from the Belgian architecture scene, in order to promote the professional activity of women* architects and to create a network of women* active in the field of architecture.

>>> photo: The “seaside” house E-1027 photo taken by Eileen Gray for the 1929 special issue of Living Architecture (1923-33) showing her first architectural achievement. Eileen Gray (1878-1976) is a designer-architect, of Irish descent. Enigmatic figure and yet initiator of Modern architecture, she is contemporary with Le Corbusier.

The ufvAb is recognized by the Belgian National Board of Architects and maintains relations with other professional associations in the field of Architecture and Urbanism, in Belgium and Internationally.

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