union of women Architects of belgium 
  union des femmes Architecte de belgique 
 unie van vrouwen Architecten van belgië

The ufvAb , in its origins, exists for all women* in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture and interior design. As ufvAb strives for a more open and inclusive society the organization welcomes all genders in its association.

L’ufvAb, à ses origines, existe pour toutes les femmes dans les domaines de l’architecture, du paysage et de l’architecture d’intérieur. L’ufvAb se battant pour une société plus ouverte et inclusive, l’organisation accueille tous les genres en son sein.

Die ufvAb van oorsprong, is er voor alle vrouwen op het gebied van architectuur, landschapsarchitectuur en interieur ontwerp. Omdat ufvAb streeft naar een meer open en inclusieve samenleving verwelkomt de organisatie in zijn vereniging.

Du 22/05/2021 au 24/10/2021, Anne Imhof took over the entirety of Palais de Tokyo for the creation of “Act 1, Natures Mortes”, her polyphonic, total work of art that fuses space, music, painting, and her own works as well as those of some thirty guest artists. The exhibition is an ode to explore diversities and approaches from multiple perspectives. Among them, Paul B. Preciado’s text, «After Beauty» (which features in the Natures Mortes edition of the Magazine du Palais de Tokyo), was performed in the exhibition spaces by the author and by members of the core team. (read more)
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