Portrait of Laura Muyldermans made by collage from selected projects of Laura Muyldermans:

  1. Pyloon, i.c.w Goethals (©Laura Muyldermans)
  2. Geraard – two crows taking care of the house, i.c.w Schelstraete (©Michiel De Cleene)
  3. Meander – A world to wander and dream, where it is possible to become other, i.c.w Burtschy (© Simon Moirot)
  4. A new door i.c.w Rutgers (©Laura Muyldermans)
  5. Kijkgat, i.c.w. Atelier Starzak Strebicki (©Filip Dujardin)
  6. Constellations, i.c.w Atelier Starzak Strebicki and City3 (©Julie Guiches)
  7. Laura Muyldermans installing Sideline, i.c.w  Schelstraete  (©Tim Van de Velde)
  8. Reflecting on the edge, i.c.w De Raeve, De Vriese, Holst, Kennis en Ritzen

© Collage by Giulia Lazzara (Cinéma Jolia)

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