INCLURE @inclure_architectuur

Inclusive Architects

Portrait of Inclure Architecten made by collage from selected projects of Inclure Architecten:

  1. Project STEVA detail badkamertegels, Bierbeek (©Leen Wouters)
  2. Project STEVA – achtergevel (©Leen Wouters)
  3. Project CEDB – achtergevel, Averbode (©Leen Wouters)
  4. Project VEHO – achtergevel na (©Leen Wouters)
  5. Project VEHO – achtergevel voor (©Leen Wouters)
  6. Project OSPI (©Leen Wouters)
  7. Inclure team portrait (©Inclure Architecten)

© Collage by Giulia Lazzara (Cinéma Jolia)

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