IMPACT – 20th anniversary

20th anniversary forWomen in Design AwardWomen in Design Award of Excellence

To mark this significant milestone, the Women In Design Community is curating an exhibition—IMPACT. The exhibition coincides with International Women’s Day.

The WID Award of Excellence was an initiative born out of a simple question—what might an awards program look like if it reflected the values of the women in the field? What emerged was an award that recognizes design excellence, but in equal parts journey and character. It considers how the Awardees impact the built world, and also how they use their position to positively influence those around them. It is about contributing in a way that is bigger than a single person.

Much has changed in the two decades that have passed since the inception of this award, and yet we find much progress left to be made. While our industry continues to grapple with issues of gender equity, we also are experiencing a cultural shift that expects more inclusivity and challenges the stereotypes that have for so many generations stifled women’s advancement. And as we evolve, we are seeing that meaningful impact transcends the singular hero(ine); it creates positive changes in our communities.

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